Quality is regarded as our number one priority to sustain the business. Focuses on superior quality and pays close attention beyond customer's expectation.

The Quality assurance is maintained throughout all related processes. We continuously strive for higher quality and process efficiency to deliver our customers the best for value ingots.

High and Consistent metal quality is secured commencing from well selected raw-material sources and by efficient cleaning of the melt during production. We use highest quality of the flux to effectively clean the melt. Effective removal of impurities like hydrogen and inclusions prior to the casting ingots by using flux injector and degassing of the alloy.

To ensure highest quality of the alloy, series of tests are carried-out in our manufacturing process viz.,

Dross Test
•  K Mould Test for large size inclusions
•  Emission Spectrometers for chemical compostion
•  ROHS tests to meet ROHS as required by some of our customers